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What are the advantages of the universal transfer switch?

Time:2019/11/19Author:adminClick: 2997
What are the advantages of the universal transfer switch?

1. This type of switch consists of one or more devices that need to be used, and the switch used can check the power line. You can move multiple load lines from one source to another. The line that helps the load is decompressed.

2. This switch can switch the power supplies of two different circuits to each other, and the two power supplies switch at the same time, one common power supply and one standby power supply. If the utility power fails during the power supply, the switchable switch can be automatically switched and the circuit connected to the backup power source.

3, this switch can also be used on some power grids, it has very good performance, and is also relatively reliable in terms of stability, the use of this switch is very high, and there are many places. These switches are commonly used in fire protection systems, surveillance systems and elevator systems, and the installation of these switches can prevent many incidents.