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Why can't the universal switch be operated frequently?

Time:2019/1/2Author:adminClick: 1880
The universal switch operation frequently switches increase the probability of damage to the combination switch. Because the current through the switch contacts is usually much higher when the switch is turned on, and sparking in the half-joined and semi-separated state, the spark may burn the contacts.
   Universal switch daily inspection and maintenance process:
  1. When the universal transfer switch is powered off, it will stop the auxiliary isolation first, then stop the main isolation;
  2. Check the gas concentration before opening the cover; check whether the cable tensioning wire of the wiring cavity is tight and whether there is any debris in the switch cavity after opening the cover;
  3, the upper cover: restore the shift, switch power supply;
  4. Perform a protection test on the universal transfer switch. Use appropriate tools and proper methods of operation during the inspection.