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Universal transfer switch installation

Time:2019/3/23Author:adminClick: 1922
The universal transfer switch is one of the switches. Although you don't understand it, it is indeed an indispensable thing for many people. With its widespread use, there are more and more people installing it, so the correct installation method will change. It is especially important, let's take a look at the installation knowledge of the universal transfer switch.

1. The transfer switch should normally be mounted horizontally on the panel, but it can also be mounted tilted or vertically. Try to keep the handle in a horizontally rotated position.

2. Insert the panel of the transfer switch from the front of the panel and tighten the nut on the panel stud to fasten the panel to the panel. Before installing the switch, remove the handle first, and then install the handle after installation.

3. When the switch of some models (such as LW2-Y, etc.) is fixed on the panel, the panel and the fixed pad must be removed from the switch in advance. For this purpose, three fixed flanges and contact boxes should be unscrewed first. The bolts connected by the circular flanges are then loosened by the three compression bolts and the rotating fixed plates, so that the four convex wedges in the cylindrical portion of the panel are unscrewed from the corresponding punches, and the fixed pads are easily separated from the panel. Insert the removed panel from the front of the panel into the opened hole. From the back of the panel, the cylindrical part of the panel is first placed on the wooden mat, then screwed onto the flange, and the bolt is screwed horizontally and the transfer switch is tightened.

The above is the detailed answer to the installation of the universal transfer switch. Correct selection and correct installation can ensure the reasonable use of the transfer switch.