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SRLW30 series universal transfer switch

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The SRLW30 series universal transfer switch is mainly used for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage below 440V, rated current to 100A electrical circuit, used as the main switch of ventilation equipment, air conditioning and water pump system, and can also directly control small capacity AC motor.

The product complies with the standards GB14048.3 and IEC60947-3.

The SRLW30 series of switches are available in a wide range of current ratings from 20A, 32A, 40A, 63A, 80A and 100A.


The SRLW30 series switches are small in size, compact in structure, exquisite in material selection, well insulated, and have a finger-proof function. They are safe and reliable. Other contact blocks can be added to the 3-pole standard block without removing the switch.

The SRLW30 series switches have a large insulation distance and a fast disconnection speed, and are also suitable for DC circuits.

Working conditions:

The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40 ° C, and the average temperature within 24 h does not exceed +35 ° C;

The lower limit of the ambient air temperature does not exceed -5 ° C;

The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m;

At a maximum temperature of +40 ° C, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%, and a higher relative humidity can be tolerated at lower temperatures, for example 90% at +20 ° C. Special measures should be taken for condensation that occasionally occurs on the surface of the product due to temperature changes.

Current type: AC 50Hz

Number of main contact positions: ON or OFF two positions

Rated working system: 8-hour working system / intermittent working system, operating frequency is 30 times / h.

Electrical life: 10,000 times for AC-23, 6000 times for AC-3, and 2000 times for auxiliary contacts.