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LW12-16 series universal transfer switch

Time:2019/4/28Author:adminClick: 2345
LW12 series universal transfer switch

LW12-16 series small universal switch (hereinafter referred to as switch), the switch has a heating current of 16A, which can be used for AC 50Hz, voltage to 500V and DC voltage to 440V, for electrical control circuit conversion and voltage 380V For the direct control of three-phase motors of 5.5KW and below, the types are common type basic type and protective type combination type.


1. According to the purpose:

a. The main control switch;

b. Directly control the 5.5KW three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor switch.

2. According to the number of contact system sections: the number of sections of the transfer switch is 1 to 12 knots, for a total of 12 knots.

3. According to the operation method:

a. The transfer switch has three types: positioning type, self-resetting type and positioning self-resetting type;

b. According to the shape of the actuator, there are five types of transfer switches: T-type, pistol type, fish-tail type, knob type and key type.