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How to choose a quality universal switch manufacturer

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LW26 series universal transfer switch is mainly used for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 440V and below, DC voltage 240V and below, rated current to 160A electric circuit, for manual infrequently switching on or breaking circuit, as control or conversion, It can also be used for direct control and circuit measurement. It is widely used as circuit control switch, test equipment switch, motor control switch and main control switch, and transfer switch for electric welding machine.

The product complies with the standard GB 14048.3, GB 14048.5 and IE C60947-3, IEC 6 0947-5-1.

The LW26 series switches are available in a wide range of current ratings from 10A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 63A, 125A and 160A.

LW26 series switches have the characteristics of small size, multi-function, compact structure, exquisite material selection, good insulation, flexible conversion operation, safety and reliability, and novel appearance. Among them, LW26-10, LW26-20, LW26-25 and LW26-32F The switch also has a finger guard function.

LW26 series switches have wide applicability and are a new type of ideal replacement replacement product, which can replace the existing domestic LW2, LW5, LW6, LW8, LW12, LW15, HZ5, HZ10, HZ12 and other types of switches and conversion on imported equipment. switch. LW26 series switch-derived products have padlock type switches and dark lock type switches (63A and below), which can be used as power cut-off switches for important equipment to prevent misoperation and control the operation of unauthorized personnel.

The 20A to 63A size switch in the LW26 series switches can also be equipped with a protective housing (IP65).

The LW12 series universal transfer switch is suitable for switching electrical control lines and electrical measurement instruments in the circuit, and can also directly control the motor.

Mechanical life and electrical life

Mechanical life: 0.3 × 106 times, the operating frequency is 120 times / hour.

Electrical life: AC-15 is 0.1×106 times, and the operating frequency is 300 times/hour.

DC-13 was 0.1×106 times and the operating frequency was 300 times/hour.

The AC-3 was 0.1 x 106 times and the operating frequency was 120 times/hour.

The AC-4 was 0.1 x 106 times and the operating frequency was 120 times/hour.